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  • Helps Reduce Heat in vehicle, keeping you cooler

  • Reduces Distracting Glare while driving

  • Blocks UV Rays that can be harmful to skin

  • Helps protect interior from fading and cracking

  • No purple or bubbly windows guaranteed

  • Increases security by not allowing others to see in your vehicle

  • Increases safety by holding shattered glass in place

  • Gives your vehicle an over-all better appearance

  • Lifetime warranty



No, you cannot control the debris flying at your car every day, but you can keep it from damaging your paint.

One of the most innovative solutions in vehicle paint protection since clearcoat is available for your car here at Solar Reflections.

If you’ve ever purchased an expensive iPhone or Galaxy phone then you likely have purchased a screen protector for your device. Usually, those are made out of an advanced polymer film that has self-healing abilities. It protects the expensive glass screens on those devices from getting scratched or shattered.

That same concept is at work in our advanced paint protection film that we can apply to your vehicle body. Also an advanced, self-healing polymer, this film is created specifically for vehicles. It’s designed to endure the abuse paint surfaces encounter on the roads.



​Looking to add a touch of flair to your vehicle? Our durable vinyl car wraps can make your car stand out. Our vinyl wraps are durable and look like a fresh coat of paint. With a 3 year warranty, and dozens of options our vinyl wraps can:

  • Change the color of your car

  • Cover up faded OEM paint

  • Add accents like racing stripes

Using vinyl wrap film is an excellent way to give the exterior of your vehicle either new life or a new identity. Our films are the highest quality substrates with high-end finishes that give a look that an OEM paint job can’t duplicate.

At Solar Reflections, your only limit is your imagination. Some of our most sought after wrap films include:

  • Glossy Finish

  • Matte Finish

  • Color Shifting Film

  • Satin Finish

  • Metallic and chrome

Keep in mind that vinyl wraps also help protect your original paint, or can cover up paint chips, swirl marks, and other blemishes on your car’s surface. So, you could even choose to just match the color of your car.


  • Ceramic Coating

  • Chrome Delete

  • Taillight Tint

  • Wheel Repair and Powder Coating 

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