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Q: Why Tint The Windows In My Home?

A: Tinting your home’s windows helps to keep your home cooler in the summer, warmer in winter and increases energy efficiency by reducing UV ray penetration through your home windows. Not only that but depending on the film you have us install, our tints can give additional daytime privacy and glass break protection. 

Q: Is The Tint Applied To The Interior or Exterior Side Of The Window Pane?

A: For most residential applications, our films are applied to the interior of the window pane. Some films, however—mostly used in commercial applications, are designed to be applied to the exterior. Our consultant will discuss with your further which film is right for your needs.

Q: Will Window Tint Protect Glass From Shattering During A Hurricane Or Tropical Storm?

A: We do have safety films available that are designed to keep a window pane together when broken due to a natural disaster or human error such a ball through the window. Of course, even normal window film will hold a pane together better than a pane without any film, but it’s better to install safety film if that is your concern.

Q: How Long Does It Take Before My Window Tint Pays Off?

A: Your return on investment varies depending on the film you choose, the amount of direct sun exposure, the type of window, and your energy costs. Typically you will begin to see it pay off financially within 2-5 years in optimal conditions.

Q: How Is The Tint Applied To My Windows Will It Bubble Up?

A: Our window films are designed to be applied directly to a freshly cleaned window free of any residue or debris. We use soap, water, and a cleaning solution to ensure a smooth application. After we clean the window, we spray it down with a water-based mount solution and then apply the film to the window. Once the film is adjusted for perfect alignment, we trim the edges to within about 1/8th of an inch around the window and use a squeegee to force out the excess solution. We dry the edges and then let the film cure which takes about 30-45 days after which all air bubbles and any haze will have disappeared.

Q: How Do I Clean My Tinted Windows?

A: Any glass cleaner that is free of ammonia is suitable for cleaning your tinted windows. Ammonia-based cleaners like Windex will deteriorate the film over time and must not be used. Abrasive solutions as well are not good as they will scratch the film surface.

Q: Will Tinted Windows Help Keep Interior Décor From Fading?

A: Yes! UV rays from the sun are brutal on colored interiors and fabrics. Any furniture near a window that is untreated will develop sunspots over time where the color has faded. Our films can greatly reduce UV ray transmission through your windows which greatly reduces fading due to UV light. 

Q: Will My Windows Be Darker Once Tinted?

A: Yes. Depending on the VLT (visible light transmission) level you choose your windows will be slightly darker to blackout dark, often called limo tint in auto applications. You can expect the interior of your home to be much cooler and have less glare in rooms facing direct sunlight. If you have high ceilings or a two-story home you will want to use as dark as possible of tint given the intensity of the light hitting them during the day.

Q: Do I Have To Have Reflective Film?

A: Well, that depends on if you want good heat and glare resistance. The films that perform best at heat resistance and reducing glare will have reflectance. That is just the necessary trade-off for saving money, energy and increased privacy and safety.

Q: How Long Does The Film Last?

A: Our window films can last more than two decades and still retain full effectiveness if care for properly. Even if window film failed finally after 30 years or so, it would have paid for itself dozens of times over already. Most of our client’s windows don’t last as long as their window film if that puts it in a better perspective for you. 

Q: How Long Will It Take You For Installation?

A: Most of our residential installations are completed in a single day by one or two installers. If you have a larger than average size home or a multitude of French windows, it may take a bit longer. We calculate installation time once we give you the estimate on your home and complete the in-home visit. Your installation is scheduled when it’s most convenient for you and we make every effort to finish in the time frame we quote you. We guarantee our installation and you will find that it is one of the most detailed and accurate installations in the industry.

Ready To Lower Your Utility Bills With Solar Reflections?

Contact us today to get the best in residential window tinting and save over and over again on energy costs with our high-quality window films. Want your cars protected from UV rays too? We can get your house and your cars done in one visit! Ask us how!

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